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Laura Welsh “Cold Front”

Directors - Daniel Cloud Campos & Tamara Levinson-Campos
Produced by - Zach Wechter & Ian Blair
Director of Photography - Morgan Susser
Concept by - Tamara Levinson-Campos & Daniel Cloud Campos
Choreographed by - Tamara Levinson-Campos & Daniel Cloud Campos
Edited by - Daniel Cloud Campos & Tamara Levinson Campos
Dancer - Tamara Levinson-Campos
Color by - Trevor Durtschi
Production Company - Doomsday



Ambitious Two Year Street Art Project Tackles Suburbia

Australian artist Ian Strange‘s ambitious project two year in the making is difficult to pin down.  SUBURBAN isn’t quite installation, photography, performance, or video art – its really more than all of these.  The project is really Ian Strange’s investigation of and interaction with the idea of suburbia.  The sidewalk, front yard, middle class, ubiquitous rows of homes have grown with a generation of young people, and now with a second and third.  The neighborhoods and houses themselves have become symbols of something beyond their function that Strange’s work seems to seek and find.  Check out the video to get a preview of the upcoming exhibit.


  British born fashion photographer Phil Poynter channels Yves Klein in ‘Monotone Symphony,’ an editorial shot for Ponystep. Poynter began his career as creative director of the trend-setting magazine Dazed & Confused, during his five years collaborating with the magazine he became a regular contributor for the publication as a photographer. Renowned as one of the worlds leading photographers his array of work spans beauty, fashion, celebrity portraiture and advertising. He is currently expanding his work to encompass moving image and has completed television commercials as well as pop videos and shorts. Phil developed his unique, eclectic and elegant style while working in London, Paris, Milan and New York.

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